MRC Clinics Trainer Activities

The MRC TRAINER Activities are a selection of mouth and breathing activities that assist treatment by retraining the tongue and lips and improving breathing patterns.

Once your child has more control over their tongue position and breathing, the treatment time will be shorter and their face will develop more naturally. If they do these simple activities daily combined with using the MRC TRAINER, they will be on the fast track to straighter teeth and will allow the MRC TRAINER to work at its best. The activities should be used 30 minutes into the hour of MRC TRAINER time. After 30 minutes, they take out their MRC TRAINER and choose one activity to do for 2 minutes. Then they replace the MRC TRAINER into their mouth for the next 30 minutes to complete the hour.

Upon your child's evaluation consultation, they will receive a MRC TRAINER Activities Workbook where they can keep a record of their progress by using the progress chart.

The goals for the child are:
  • Lips together at all times, except while speaking.
  • Tongue on the correct spot, at rest to develop the upper jaw.
  • Breathing through the nose to assist the development of the upper and lower jaws and to achieve the correct bite.
  • No lip activity when swallowing, which allows the lower jaw and front teeth to develop correctly.
Once these habits have been corrected, the MRC Clinics treatment is complete. For a patient with good compliance, braces, extractions and retainers can be avoided.

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