Getting started

Choosing to proceed with any sort of treatment is a big decision, and not just because of the financial investment.

Find out how to get started with MRC Clinics® in these easy steps:

Step 1: Information and education

Setup a time to attend a free group education session by our MRC Clinics® team, or organize an individual consultation (fee applies). To register for a group education session click the Group Session Calendar link and register for the next available session.

Attending the group education session will improve your understanding of the causes of crooked teeth and poor jaw development. With this knowledge, you can make a decision whether to wait for braces or have MRC Clinics® evaluate your child or children.

Step 2: Record taking

To properly assess your child, study models, photographs, x-rays and possibly videos of the teeth, face and posture will be required.

After reviewing and evaluating these records, Dr. Marta will write a detailed treatment plan with the fee structure specific for your child.

This information will then be presented to both the parent and child at the Evaluation Consultation.

Step 3: Evaluation consultation

With models of the teeth, photos, and x-rays to determine the stage of tooth eruption and jaw development, all available information is presented to the parent and child, and the written treatment plan with options and possible difficulties is discussed.

Any questions about the treatment can be raised. The fee structure will be presented at this stage. Treatment fees will vary depending on the number of visits, and how quickly the child responds to the treatment and application of the activities.

Step 4: Choosing your options

Myofunctional treatment with the TRAINER™, i-3™ or MYOBRACE® can commence immediately. The child will be given detailed instruction on how to use the appropriate appliance.

If you are unsure, it is best to choose this option, and particularly discuss compliance with your child.

Marta M. Rivera, DMD is a pediatric dentist specializing in sedation and dentofacial development procedures in Tampa, Florida.
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