How Trainers work

The MRC TRAINERS are appliances that straighten the teeth and jaws by teaching the tongue to sit in the correct position, correcting swallowing patterns and teaching children to breathe through their nose normally.

The MRC TRAINERS are also designed to put light aligning forces on crooked teeth to straighten them and to create a wider arch form. This effect produces not only straight teeth, but better facial appearance. This reduces the need to use braces, and extractions are rarely required.

The MRC TRAINERS must be worn daily for at least 1 hour per day plus overnight while sleeping. While the MRC TRAINER is the most important part of your treatment, it cannot do everything. It is important that we assist the use of the MRC TRAINER by doing certain tongue, mouth and breathing activities. These activities should be performed daily along with wearing your MRC TRAINER.

This is a training process for your child and just like education and sport, a daily commitment and persistence is required to obtain results. It also depends on the child's inherent biology for change, so sometimes the results are rapid and other times it may take more perseverance. Old habits die hard, so the sooner the training program is implemented the better the growth and the more permanent the result.

For MRC Clinics treatment to work, it's up to the child to change their bad Myofunctional Habits. The child must follow the simple steps in the MRC TRAINER Activities program, and wear their MRC TRAINER in order to achieve the required results. Extra effort gives extraordinary results.

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